Hello to all lovers of the Philippines, our resort is in a very safe area, we have no floods here,
with us it is the same as always, Rain or shine,
for the island Cebu is totally protected in this island paradise.


House Philippines emigrate?


You have already toyed with the idea of the longer turn their backs on Europe and have a nice house by the sea, anyway you want to go on holiday, get away from cold Europe, they want to really relax. Then why not take with us on vacation in the Philippines. Take a look at the lives in our paradise, and you will notice how great it is here.


Few countries in the world are so unknown and were attended as infrequently as the Philippines. And yet none is more pleasant to travel, lavishly equipped than that island kingdom. The Philippines lie off the coast of Southeast Asia between Taiwan and Borneo in the Pacific. They consist of 7,107 islands and islets, of which are named 2773rd The two largest islands, Luzon in the north and Mindanao in the south, account for 65% of the landmass, 60% of the population lives here. Between Luzon and Mindanao is the archipelago of the Visayas, this beautiful island paradise.


Please respect our offersHouse Idylle, House Ideal, House Luxus.

These houses are already fully configured.

In our resort, facing the sea, we still have a few building lots available, we are looking for nice neighbors, they choose their own type. After 6 months, the handover of keys. Look who it is building for them and respect them for quality.

If you prefer the mountains, we can help them as well. It is still possible beautiful.


Landdirectly by the sea or in the mountains to acquire from the owner. I am happy to assist them in all phases and accompany them to the end. Here they get something for their money. Take a look at the offers. Of course they can also build on their own terms.

This is our ShowhouseIdeal house, 92 m², 2 bathrooms, fitted kitchen, wardrobe in the bedroom furniture in the office


Haus Philippinen zu verkaufenHaus Philippinen zu verkaufen


And here you can see our privateBeachOur lake is 80m wide


Unsere SeeseiteUnsere Seeseite


We offer the possibility of a new villa on the sea, the resort to acquiring the sea.

Location is El-Pardo Boljoon, Cebu, Philippinen, and to the exceptional conditions. 60% down payment, the rest in monthly rates 0% interest.
You get for a villa to GermanQualityDesign of reinforced concrete and insulated with a living area and a design which they choose themselves, plus a plot of 500 sqm.
Free is the dream location, they live where others would like to take a vacation. We offer help in all situations. They have the potential to cause a substantial capital investment is another life on the beaches of the Philippines. Take a look hereThese times they are working for the state, United States 109 DAYS, 155 DAYS England, Germany 203 DAYS


This is our Resort

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InfrastructureIt only gives a good infrastructure on the main islands. Many small islands are not suitable to live only to leave for good.
Precisely in times shopping - Internet connectivity, local doctors, hospitals, police directly on site, bus stop for Air-con bus right outside the front door, best ship and transport links with the second largest by the port in the Philippines in Cebu, direct flights to all major cities of the world Hong Kong or Sydney, no problem.


Info02/23/2010 A study has revealed the Postbank: One in eight working adults over age 50 would emigrate because of the threat of poverty.
Indeed, in the past migrated ca.150.000 people per year. Not without reason is this year a record year with 650,000 emigrants. This is just the tip of the iceberg.How many are probably still live in their home country, but have terminated internally? Many are still searching for the right country. Secure it now their share.


Trade it in 6 months now and their house is finished.

I like to call them reverence people in Germany. Also, we live here.


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